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Chidi3s Art Print - Your Light

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Original poem by Chidi3s Art "Your Light":
"Standing in your own radiant glow, you only see the dark shadows you've cast somewhere in between a bright future and a dark past, wondering which one is really you. Wondering if all you do has had purpose, has it all been worth it? Or just worthless? But a building will never know the strength of its own concrete, just like a fire could never feel warm from it's own heat.... The same way you, could probably never see your light from your point of view...

But I urge you to shine and shine bright, whatever that may be to you...

Because the world gets cold, and it gets dark and we all need your light" 


Prints of 'Your Light' are available in all sizes (A5, A4, A3).

The original piece has been sold.