The Divine Feminine Series

The Divine Feminine was created out of respect for the inherent femininity of nature.
Over the lockdown I spent much more time in nature and became much more introspective with my art. I wanted to create something that reflected some of my core beliefs and realisations. 

I came across the concept of the divine feminine and wanted to bring it to life in a way that reflected my own experience as a human being and my perspective on femininity as a man. I believe that the value of a person is inherent and should not depend on how an individual fits into a patriarchal system. Some traits might seem inherently feminine, but that does not mean they should be exclusive to women and vice versa. Biologically speaking, creation is the unification of masculine and feminine energies. This series was created to celebrate the feminine elements of all creation - not just human life. 

I wanted to celebrate the beauty of the concept divine feminine spiritually, biologically, cosmically and on an aesthetic level. With each piece, a different aspect is celebrated. Each piece conveys a feeling of all the characteristics of the divine feminine - creativity, fighting spirit, deep sense of balance/justice/morality, passive resistance, high emotional awareness, multifaceted personality and altruistic/sacrificial nature. Each piece also focuses on important life lessons I have learnt from various women in my past.