Workshops and Community Learning

I believe self-expression leads to self-knowledge which leads to self-actualisation. My mission is to help people express themselves, inspire them to discover themselves, and motivate people to become the best version of themselves.

I believe everyone is a creative genius, the challenge is to learn the skills required to express that genius.

Chidi3s Art runs workshops and courses aimed to inspire creativity and promote well-being. Workshops are run in collaboration with several different organisations ranging from private parties with a creative twist, to community development projects aimed at inspiring and empowering local communities. Each and every workshop is designed to have a fun engaging inclusive atmosphere as well as being impactful to the participants. Regardless of the setting Chidi3s Art is committed to helping others believe in their own creative genius.  

Workshops are specific to organisations we collaborate with, so each workshop is uniquely tailored to the need of the participants and the respective organisation.  

Some examples of courses and workshops can be found below.